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All Hail Helvetica

Aug 18, 2017

Helvetica: by default, every graphic designer’s favorite font. It goes with everything, It’s clean enough for body copy, and striking enough for headers. But did you know, that versatility and lack of showy personality was a key goal of the design of the typeface?

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Pantone Honors Prince. See the Color Here.

Aug 16, 2017

In what has to be one of the most fitting tributes for the late, extraordinarily influential musician, Pantone has created a new shade of purple for graphic designers around the world to honor Prince. Called Love Symbol #2, the particular shade of purple was inspired my the musician’s custom painted Yamaha piano.



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High Art Meets Technology with This Mobile Tool

Aug 16, 2017

Sam Eichner over at UrbanDaddy clued us in on an interesting new service courtesy of the folks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Just message the words “send me” followed by a word or emoji of your choice, and seconds later you’ll get a response with a piece of art matching that word or emoji. Eichner puts it to the test to sometimes hilarious results, and while it’s not always perfect, it nonetheless got him (and us,

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New Custom Font for BBC Sport

Aug 11, 2017

BBC Sport, the sports coverage arm of the British Broadcasting Channel, has done a little bit of a brand update. Their logo design has been slightly tweaked, but the really cool part is that they have created an entirely new font, called “BBC Reith”, to display in on mobile. The BBC says most fonts were designed with print in mind, and that BBC Reith is 100% mobile-centric, designed to give its users the most readable experience.

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Armour Isn’t Just For Knights Anymore

Aug 09, 2017

An armour designer from the Lord of the Rings movies has made a 180 degree career change! The designer, Kayne Horsham, thought that hand weaving chainmail for the epic movies took too much time and had too much room for error. So, he created a way to quickly produce a polymer chainmail, that is now being used by architects all over the world. We don’t know about you, but we are loving the armoured facades of these buildings!

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Why the Stakes for Nailing Your Logo Design Have Never Been Higher

Aug 09, 2017

We were hooked with this Fortune headline: “How logos became the most important quarter-inch in business.” The magazine explores how our constant interaction with app buttons and Twitter avatars, coupled with the immediate public response to stylistic updates or branding do-overs, make getting the right logo design so pivotal nowadays. It’s packed with helpful examples too!

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